• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

3 pounds funk hams, skinless or skin- on
swab and pepper
2 mugs BBQ sauce, divided
tablespoon garlic greasepaint
1 tablespoon onion greasepaint
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon swab
1 tablespoon black pepper
Pat funk hams dry with paper apkins. Trim redundant skin( remove the skin if you like). In a small coliseum, combine seasoning blend.
Arrange Funk in a 6- quart slow cooker. Sprinkle seasoning over the hams, tossing to fleece. Encounter 1 mug BBQ sauce onto the funk.
Cover and cook on low heat for 5- 6 hours or on high for 3- 4 hours. funk is cooked through when the internal temperature reaches 160- 165 degreesF.
Optional step Turn the toaster on in your roaster and place the roaster rack in the top third of your roaster. Line a large baking distance with nonstick antipode and arrange funk skin side over on the baking distance.
Encounter with further BBQ sauce and melee until the skin begins to brown and crisp over; about 3- 5 twinkles. Garnish with green onion if asked just before serving.