¾ mug of diced onion
⅓ mug dried chuck motes
1 pound spare ground beef
¼ mug your choice Regale sauce
2 tsp chili greasepaint
¾ tsp swab
1 egg beaten
1 package moment adulation seasoned mashed potato blend
⅔ mug faded milk
1 tbsp diced parsley
1 tbsp adulation
1 tsp garlic greasepaint
1 mug cooked and atrophied bacon
¼ mug crisp fried onions
⅔ mug Monterey Jack tattered rubbish
Toast the roaster to 375 *, smoothly spot a 9×9 baking visage
Using a large coliseum, combine the ground beef, onion, regale sauce, chuck motes, egg and spices.
Press the meat blend into the bottom of the scattered visage
Singe uncovered for 20 twinkles
Remove from roaster and drain grease off precisely
In another coliseum, make the instant potatoes and mix with faded milk, rubbish, dried onions, adulation and bacon
Spread the potato blend on top of the meat and sprinkle with tattered rubbish, bacon and dried onions.
Place under a toaster, 6 elevation from the toaster, and melee for 3 twinkles.
Serve with an fresh serving of Regale sauce if you would like.