January 12, 2023

– Smoked ham1/2( boneless)
– Honey 1 mug
– Adulation1/2 Cup
– Brown sugar1/2 mug
– redundant abecedarian olive oil painting 1 Tbsp

  • To start off the form, cover with aluminum antipode the deep charger where the ham will go. The trick is that the honey doesn’t give us problems when it sticks.
  • To cook, you need to start with the sauce. For this part, heat half a mug of adulation over medium heat in a pot with a tablespoon of olive oil painting. Eventually, stir with a spatula until it melts and forms a liquid and yes this will be the sauce.
  • You can also add about 100 g of brown sugar and 1 mug of honey in the sauce, stirring until everything is well unified. You ’re recommended to let it heat over low heat while you prepare the rest of the form.
  • At this point, make sure the ham is cut into thin strips whose cut doesn’t reach the end. Let me explain, so that the sauce and the cuisine in the roaster are saturated far and wide, you must make thin portions on the piece.( always flash back it mustn’t lose the unique shape of the ham). All that needs to be done now is to place the ham on the charger that you had covered with aluminum antipode.
  • Now comes the part for the further cultural bones
    , meaning that you have to paint all the ham with the sauce you had preliminarily made using a encounter. Don’t leave any hole uncolored. For the purpose, you should go over it several times. Always save the sauce for after way.
  • Keep in mind that the ham should be covered with further aluminum antipode to prohibit it from burning too important in the roaster and comes out perfect.
  • incontinently singe at a little lower than 200º for about 2 hours. It’s wise to calculate that for each kilo you should cook for 30 twinkles. Consequently, you must remove it from the roaster, every 20 or 25 twinkles, and give it a new pass with the honey sauce.
  • I always put my roaster in caff
    mode, in the last 10 twinkles of baking, to impeccably brown the face of the ham.
  • Now that’s browned, take the ham out of the roaster and serve it on the plate with the remaining honey sauce & ENJOY