TWO- Nanosecond Fryer FUDGE Form

April 27, 2022

TWO- Nanosecond Fryer FUDGE Form
3 mugssemi-sweet chocolate chips (1-½ bags)
1 can candied condensed milk 12 oz.
1/2 mug diced walnuts ( voluntary)
Line a 9 ″ by 9 ″ visage with antipode and spot withnon-stick cuisine spray.
Place chocolate chips in fryer safe coliseum. Pour candied condensed milk over the chocolate chips.
Fryer on high for 60 seconds. Stir well.
Fryer on high for 60 further seconds. Stir well again.
Still, continue to fryer at 30 alternate intervals until chocolate is fully melted, If the chocolate chips aren’t fully melted.
Add diced walnuts (if using) and stir fully.
Pour fudge into set visage.
Cooled for an hour or until fully hardened.
Lift antipode out of visage and cut into cells.