Mix together
2T softened adulation
1T hwc
2- 3T tattered carrot( voluntary)( quantum depends on your macros)
1 large egg
3T brown sweetener
3T thin coconut flakes
2.5 T almond flour
1T coconut flour
diced walnuts
pinch of ocean swab
Let the admixture sit a nanosecond to cake. ladle with a oiled, round scoop onto a diploma paper lined cookie distance and push with the reverse of a ladle into a flat shape. These will spread veritably little, if at each, so make them whatever shape you would like at this step.
Singe at 350 for 8 to 10 twinkles, or just until set, and cool on the cookie distance.
I like single serving or low yield fashions because of the erected in portion control. This form made about 6 pieces for a aggregate of 3 creme pies, but could fluently be multiplied