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Herby Garlic Butter and Red Onion Christmas Wreath Potatoes


Herby Garlic Butter and Red Onion Christmas Wreath Potatoes
KG Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes( 2/ 3s of a bag)
2 large red onions
For The Herby Garlic Adulation
80g adulation – melted
60g nice olive oil painting
3 large garlic cloves – diced
Small bunch of fresh parsley – roughly diced(approx. 15g)
Generous pinch of ocean swab and black pepper
To Finish( voluntary)
2- 3 shoots of rosemary – roughly diced
1- 2 tbsp olive oil painting
Scattering of fresh parsley
Using a mandolin, precisely slice the potatoes( skin on) & red onions into thin slices. Wash the potato slices under cold water to remove a little of the bounce( the residual water will also help with the cuisine process) & set away.
Mix all’ garlic adulation’ constituents together in a large coliseum and toss through the potatoes to smoothly fleece.
Vertically arrange the potato slices & red onion in a round roaster- evidence dish( a cutlet drum could also work!); piling together small heaps of the slices as you produce a circle. Alternate between potato & onion to produce a nice pattern, also repeat in the middle( if your dish is large enough) or fill with a small mound of potatoes.
Brush the underpart of a piece of drum antipode with a little olive oil painting & cover the dish. Pop in the roaster for 45 mins.
After 45 mins, remove the antipode from the dish & turn the roaster down to gas 5/ 190C. Encounter over a little more olive oil painting & it return to the roaster for the remaining cuisine time, or until golden brown & cooked through.
Voluntary during the last 10 mins encounter over a little more olive oil painting & tuck in the fresh rosemary. After removing from the roaster, smatter over fresh parsley & serve.