Crock pot loaded potato soupCrock pot loaded potato haze

6 slices of bacon
1 onion, minced
cloves of garlic, diced
teaspoon rosemary or a many shoots of fresh
2 soupspoons flour or gluten free flour
4 mugs funk broth, divided

  • 8 large potatoes of choice, minced into small gobbets
    mugs rubbish( plus further for beating)
    mug heavy cream
    Swab and pepper to taste
    3 scallions, sliced for beating
    In a large skillet cook the bacon until crisp. Remove with slotted ladle and set away. Don’t drain grease.
    Add the onion, garlic and rosemary to the bacon grease. Cook until the onions are slightly brown and ambrosial.
    Stir in flour and cook for a nanosecond or so. It’ll be a thick admixture but that is good! Just try to remove any lumps.
    Add in 1 mug of the funk broth to loosen up the bit wedged to the skillet. Transfer everything in the skillet to the crock pot.
    Add the remaining broth and potatoes to the crock pot. Set to cook on high for 3- 4 hours or low for 4- 6 hours.
    Once the potatoes are and hotted
    through, use a potato lecher to crush the taters. I like mine a little lumpy so I leave a many unmashed in the haze.
    Stir in the rubbish and allow to melt. Add in the heavy cream and heat for about 5 twinkles.
    Ladle in a coliseum and top with rubbish, atrophied bacon and scallions. Add swab and pepper as demanded.