Chocolate Swiss roll

July 21, 2022

Chocolate Swiss roll

3 eggs
85g caster sugar
75g plain flour
2 soupspoons cocoa greasepaint
ladles incinerating powde

1 teaspoon cherry jam
300 ml double cream- whipped( you may not need all of it)
3 soupspoons icing sugar
50g adulation
140g dark chocolate
1 teaspoon golden saccharinity
248 ml double cream
200g icing sugar


Preheat the roaster to 200 degrees( 180 degrees addict)

Beat the eggs and sugar together using an electric whisk. Keep going until it’s thick and ethereal. Clarify the dry constituents together into the egg/ sugar admixture and fold in precisely trying not to lose any air.

Line a 23 x 32 Swiss roll drum with diploma paper. Pour in the admixture and spread into the corners and sides by tipping with your hands. Into the roaster for 11- 14 twinkles. Place another piece of diploma paper over the sponger and flip over. Peel the diploma paper out and roll into a tight roll and allow to cool fully. It’s important to do this while hot.

scourge the cream and icing sugar together and keep cool.

Melt the chocolate and adulation in a coliseum over stewing water. Remove from the heat and add4/5 soupspoons of the cream into the chocolate. Beat in 200g of the icing sugar until smooth. Stir in the rest of the cream until it’s the right thickness.

Unwrap the Swiss roll and spread the jam followed by the filling on to the cube, you may not need it all.

Roll back over into a log. Slice a1/4 off at an angle and place as a branch on the log. Spread with the icing, keeping the ends free from icing. With a chopstick draw texture to look like dinghy. Dust with icing sugar