Charlotte eating the mangoes

April 28, 2022
Charlotte eating the mangoes
For the genius
5 eggs
165g of sugar
165g of flour
For the mango froth
100g of mango puree
6 leaves of gelatin
400g of liquid fresh cream
2 egg whites
120g of sugar
40g of water
For the mango glass
250 g of mango puree
50g of sugar
3 leaves of gelatin
For the decoration
300 grams of boudoir
Trouncing cream
mint leaves
Gobbets of mango cut
Mango juice
Preparing for the geniuses
Preheat the roaster to 200 °C.
Beat the eggs and sugar until you get a sudsy admixture.
Gently add the sauteed flour and mix well.
Pour the admixture on a baking plate and cover with sulfurized paper.
Singe and singe for 12 min.
Get out of roaster, let it cool.
Discover your genius to the size of the round frame used.
Shirt the frame of a food film, trim with boudoirpre-dipped in mango juice and also place the genius at the bottom.
Making Mango Scum
Dipping gelatin leaves in cold water.
In a visage, toast the mango crush also put in the dried gelatin and mix well. Letting it cool down.
In a coliseum, set up the egg whites in snow.
In a visage, toast the water with sugar until it reaches 110 °C to get a saccharinity.
Fillet the saccharinity with snow- covered whites by mixing with the batter at low speed.
Increase the speed to the maximum and continue fighting for 5 min to get an Italian meringue.
Next over, the cold deep freeze whipped cream in whipped cream.
Delicately add the chantilly to the medication of stupefied mango, also the Italian meringue and eventually diced mango pieces.
Pour this mango scum on the genoise, and place in the freezer for at least 1 hour.
Preparation of the passion fruit glass
Dipping gelatin leaves in cold water.