This delicate baked mackintosh

October 16, 2022

What’s Mac and rubbish without rubbish right? This delicate baked mackintosh
and rubbish is extremely succulent as it contains the combination of the most delicious crapola
out there! Check it out!
What You ’ll Need
16 ounces of elbow fop( 3 mugs).
3 tbsps of adulation or margarine.
1 ½ mugs of milk, divided.
2 large smoothly beaten eggs.
1 lb( 16 ounces) cubed( ½ inch) Velveeta rubbish.
8 ounces of tattered Kraft Milk cheddar rubbish( divided).
8 ounces of tattered Kraft Monterey Jack rubbish.
1 tsp of swab.
1 tsp of lately base black pepper.
How to make it
Cook the fop and drain well also pour in a large mixing coliseum.
In a saucepan, melt on low the Velveeta rubbish and ¾ mug of milk until melted shifting constantly.
Mix together the melted rubbish with the pasta. Add in adulation, ¾ mug of milk, eggs, 1 mug of tattered crapola
, swab and pepper. Mix well together and place in a 2 quart baking dish. Top with the remaining rubbish.
In a preheated roaster to 375 °, singe for 25 twinkles.
Serve while still hot.
Easy, peasy, delicate and inelegant! This mackintosh
and rubbish is just perfect, if you’re a mackintosh
and rubbish nut, you’ll fall in love with this baby right then! You ’ll thank me latterly.
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