The Elodie Petite Gateau by
Louise Zuleger

October 19, 2022

The Elodie Petite Gateau by
Louise Zuleger

First subcaste
Speculoos and Dark Chocolate
Speculoos are succulent, caloric, gingery eyefuls hailing from Belgium, dating back to the medial 1600’s. Traditionally they’re embossed with designs using rustic molds, special rolling legs, or cookie prints. They’re placed in well- conducted children’s shoes on the dusk of Saint Nicholas Day. The bad children were carried off in Sinterklaas’ burlap sack.

Alternate subcaste
Pain de Genes cutlet
This is a sponger cutlet from Genoa, Italy with no raising agent other than the whisking together of adulation and eggs. Pain de Genes galettes generally are made with almond paste, but I’ve replaced that with hazelnut praline paste and added dark chocolate and Guittard cocoa greasepaint.

Third subcaste
A Habu Tonka Bean Cream Insert
Tonka sap aren’t as sticky as vanilla sap, but rather delicate-sweet, with a more neutral tone and nuanced notes of cinnamon, amaretto, caramel, hazelnut, cherry and sweet hay. For centuries it has been used in Latin American cookery. Over the times, it has been employed by the tobacco and incense assiduity, especially in France.

The fourth subcaste
Gianduja Chocolate Mousse
Gianduja is a homogeneous mix of chocolate with hazelnut paste, constructed in Turin, Italy during Napolean’s regency( 1796- 1814). The Continental System, assessed by Napolean in 1806, averted British goods from entering European anchorages under French control, putting a strain on cocoa inventories. A chocolatier in Turin named Michele Prochet extended what little chocolate he’d by mixing it with hazelnuts from the Langhe hills south of Turin. It takes its name from Gianduja, a Carnival and mannequin character who represents the archetypal Piedmontese, natives of the Italian region where hazelnut confectionary is common.

The fifth subcaste
A Glacage Chocolat, or Chocolate Mirror Glaze
A chocolate glass glaze is a admixture of cocoa greasepaint, cream, sugar, water and gelatin, and is the most stunning of all cutlet glazes. A glass glaze allows galettes to be held at room temperature, or in the refrigerator, uncovered. It also keeps the cutlet wettish for days on end.

The sixth subcaste
A French Tuile Cookie
The Elodie is culminated with a thin, crisp organic coconut tuile cookie for an instigative textural immediacy.