Super simple & easy too cook

September 5, 2022

Super simple & easy too cook

I started off by cooking 1 kg angel in my ninja( use any instant pot you have or just a pressure cooker is fine you can cook full curry in it I’ve form saved in my story highlights for that) put angel meat into inner pot of ninja, pour in 3 mugs water, pressure lid on, time 8 min, on high do n’t forget to seal articulation, quick release brume, keep away till demanded
In pot pour in 1/ 4cup oil painting, if you have mizzle in 1Tbs mustard oil painting to, chop in 2 onions, sprinkle in 1tsp whole cumin seeds shindig till golden, add in 1Tbs lately diced gusto shindig many seconds, throw in meat if there’s little water left in your ninja inner pot pour it in too, boil meat on medium high heat till golden brown, about 8 min

Add in spices, swab chilli greasepaint to taste, 1/ 2tsp turmeric, 2tsp crushed coriander seeds, 1/ 4tsp garam masala, 1heap tsp kasturi methi( dry fenugreek leaves) 1/ 2tsp tandoori greasepaint, 1/ 4tsp black pepper, 1tsp paprika, give it mix cook many further twinkles
Mix 1tin tomato it’s about 2cups, pour that in with 1Tbs tomato purée pour in 1/ 4cup water cover chef low & slow, flash back meat is formerly cooked but this farther cuisine with spices & tomato takes this curry to different position succulent fall of the bone meat, once you see oil painting face up this will take good 15 min to 20 min

Pour in 3cups water, you can pour in lower water if you do n’t want it veritably soupy you like a thick gravy or pour in bit more for further soupy, let this poach down till you get good saucy consistence to gravy
Take 1Tbs of yoghurt give it mix add this into curry with many partial fried potatoes if you like potatoes in curry, blend cover chef low heat till done potatoes have cooked

Switch off sprinkle in 1/ 2tsp garam masala, add in 10g adulation let it melt, mix chop in coriander serve with naans or chapatis little onion tomato cucumber on side sprinkle with bomb juice whole cumin, swab pepper 😋