Stylish EVER STRAWBERRY CAKE- Do not Lose This


Stylish EVER STRAWBERRY CAKE- Do not Lose This
1 box white cutlet blend
3 tbsp plain flour
1( 3 Oz) box strawberry jello
mug water
mug oil painting, I used canola oil painting
mug fresh or frozen pureed strawberries( one mug for cutlet & one mug for icing)
4 eggs
Combine cutlet blend, flour, Jello and water. Add oil painting and eggs, one at a time, beating well between. Add strawberries. Beat 2 twinkles. Pour batter into well oiled and floured 9 ├Ś 13 visage. Singe at 350 * for about 45 twinkles.
CREAM CHEESE ICING acclimated from Paula Deen online form
1 stick adulation softened
1 8 oz. pkg. cream rubbish, softened
mug firmed or fresh pureed strawberries
3 mugs pulverized sugar
Add all constituents to a mixing coliseum and blend with mixer until delicate. Pour over cutlet after it cools from the roaster. Add a strawberry to eclipse for caparison or pureed strawberries to eclipse. Eat and Enjoy!