August 1, 2023


For the mass
1 mug of milk
1 teaspoon dry incentive
3 soupspoons of icing sugar
2 soupspoons vegetable oil painting
2 and1/4 mugs flour
1 tablespoon swab
constituents for the filling
2 mugs of milk
1 egg
5 egg yolks
mug cornstarch
mugs of sugar
mug Little Village margarine
1 tablespoon vanilla excerpt

  1. First, we prepare the dough for the donuts by hotting
    the milk in the microwave oven, it must be lukewarm. Pour the milk into a large vessel with the incentive and add the oil painting and sugar to the vessel, mix everything well and also add the flour and swab, mix everything until incorporated.
  2. A rather liquid dough will form, we use a mixer to knead for about 10 twinkles at medium speed. Pour into a oiled dish and cover with a damp cloth. We let it leude for about 30 to 60 twinkles, it has to double the size.
  3. We move the dough to a face smoothly covered with flour and stretch with our hands. Cut circularly with the help of a earth. We toast enough oil painting and fry the donuts in it. We only need a couple of twinkles for the dough to cook.
  4. For the stuffing, we beat the eggs in a medium coliseum, add the cornstarch and icing sugar; Mix until smooth. Add the warm milk to the admixture and stir everything until incorporated.
  5. We take the admixture to the fire and stir constantly. Once the admixture thickens, remove from heat and continue stirring. Add La Villita margarine and vanilla excerpt.
  6. Fill the donuts with a thin bag and sprinkle with pulverized sugar for the final touch.