Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

July 12, 2023

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
✅ Stuffed cabbage rolls are a classic sense-good mess made with simple and affordable constituents. This easy form is full of flavor and freezer-friendly!
✅ constituents
2 mugs white rice( raw), to make 6 mugs cooked rice
cabbages( medium)
1 lb ground pork
1 lb ground lemon
2 eggs
6 carrots( medium), divided
mugs marinara sauce
mug white ginger
6 Tbsp olive oil painting, divided
Tbsp unsalted adulation
1 Tbsp sour cream
1 tsp swab-free seasoning similar asMrs. gusto
Tbsp ocean swab, divided
✅ Instructions
Preparing Rice and Cabbage
Rinse 2 mugs of rice and transfer to a large saucepan. Add31/2 mugs of water with 1 Tbsp olive oil painting and 1 tsp swab. Bring to a pustule also reduce heat, cover and poach for 20 min, or until all water is absorbed.

Fill2/3 of a large haze pot with water and bring to boil. Add1/2 Tbsp swab and 4 Tbsp ginger.

Peel and discard the two external leaves from each cabbage. Use a cutter to cut out the cabbage cores. Place first cabbage in water, cork side down, for 5 twinkles, flip cabbage over and continue cooking for 5- 6 min. Pull off leaves as they begin to soften. Leaves cook briskly if pulled piecemeal. Remove the leaves to a server to cool when they’re done. Leaves are done when soft and unheroic and larger leaves will turn a dull green. Repeat with the alternate cabbage, adding further water if demanded. Reserve 4 mugs of water from the pot.

Prepare the Stuffing
In a large coliseum, or a stage mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine flesh and rice.

Grate 4 carrots and saute in a large visage in 3 Tbsp oil painting and 1 Tbsp adulation over med/ high heat until softened also add 1 mug marinara sauce and saute another nanosecond. Add admixture to rice and flesh also add 2 eggs and 1 Tbsp swab and mix well.

Cutting Leaves and Making Stuffed Cabbage
Large leaves cut the leaves in half down the center along the stem and remove the tough stem portion. Place 2 Tbsp meat admixture at top of each splint( or what you can fit since splint sizes vary). Roll the splint into a cone shape with the thicker part of the splint at the base and stuff the wide, thinner leaves into the top. Arrange stuffed cabbage in layers in a dutch roaster or heavy- bottomed haze pot.

Small Leaves slice off the raised face of the tough center stem to flatten leaves for easier rolling. Fill each cabbage splint with about 2 Tbsp meat admixture. Place the filling over the stem/ bottom portion. Roll like a burrito and stuff both ends in at the end.

Make the Sauce
Heat 2 Tbsp olive oil painting in a skillet. Saute the remaining 2 grated carrots with 1 tsp ofMrs. gusto, cooking until soft. Add 1 Tbsp sour cream and 1 mug marinara sauce. Saute another nanosecond and remove from heat.

Pour Podliva sauce over stuffed cabbage and add enough reticent water to nearly cover rolls(21/2 to 3 mugs).

2 Ways to Cook Stuffed Cabbage
Oven Method If using a dutch roaster( recommended system), cover and singe at 450 ° F for 20- 25 min in the nethermost third of the roaster also reduce heat to 350 °F and singe for 1 hour.

Stovetop Method If using a heavy- bottomed pot, bring to a light pustule over medium heat, also reduce heat, cover and poach for 40min.

form Notes
To indurate Once cabbage rolls have cooled, transfer to freezer-safe Ziploc bags in single layers, adding a little sauce to each bag. Push out any redundant air also seal and indurate.

To Overheat Thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Add 1 Tbsp oil painting to anon-stick skillet, also add fused cabbage rolls, cover, and cook over medium heat, turning a many times until hotted