Rear Seared T- Bone Steak

1-1.5 lbs t- bone steak
swab, to taste
pepper, to taste
cooking spray
olive oil painting

swab T- bone steaks on both sides. Leave at room temperature for 45 twinkles to produce a Neptune. When there’s about 10 twinkles left, preheat the roaster to 225 degrees.
Sprinkle T- bone steaks with black pepper on both sides, and transfer them to a smoothly- waxed baking distance. also, move them to the middle rack in the roaster. Cook for 30- 60 twinkles to your position of doneness. also, sear steaks in a preheated skillet with a mizzle of oil painting for 3- 4 twinkles on each side.
Rest steaks for 5- 10 twinkles on a clean plate bivouacked with antipode