Lobster, grouser and Shrimp Macaroni and rubbish

November 11, 2022

Lobster, grouser and Shrimp Macaroni and rubbish

1 Pound Penne Pasta or Large Elbow Pasta
3 mugs Whole Milk
2 mugs Half & Half
1 Teaspoon Adulation
2 Soupspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¼ Cup Onion, minced
Tablespoon Fresh Thyme, diced
to 2 Cloves Fresh Garlic, finely diced
position Soupspoons each- Purpose Flour
To Taste Kosher swab
To Taste Black Pepper
To Taste or 1 to 2 Soupspoons Grand Diamond each- Purpose Seasoning
To Taste or 2 to 3 Ladles Hot Sauce or Tabasco
1 to 2 Ladles Liquid grouser pustule,( voluntary)( careful, it can be racy but it adds a nice seafood flavor)
Mugs( about 12 Ounces) Gouda rubbish or Monterey Jack rubbish, grated
Mugs( about 8 Ounces) Muenster rubbish or Mild Cheddar rubbish, grated
mug( a little lower than 4 Ounces) Gruyere rubbish, grated
1 Pound Shrimp, raw, deveined, tail removed, Size 14- 16 or 31- 40
½ to ¾ Pound Lobster, raw orpre-steamed, diced into gobbets( 3 to 4 small lobster tails will do)
½ to ¾ Pound Lump grouser, your choice
Nonstick Cooking Spray, voluntary

Note Store- bought lobster that has been fumed/pre-cooked along with your choice of lump grouser meat works great for this form. Prepare, hash, and bones all of the constituents first. Grate all of the crapola
and toss them together in one large coliseum. Season the shrimp and lobster. Set away. Preheat roaster to 350 degrees a large honeypot, bring 3 quarts of water to a pustule over high heat. Season the scorching water, with 3 Soupspoons of swab. Cook until just al dente or 2 twinkles short of the suggested cuisine time on the package. formerly done, drain the pasta, DO NOT wash, and toss with 1 or 2 soupspoons of olive oil painting or vegetable oil painting to keep it from sticking together while the sauce is being cooked. Preheat the milk and half & half together in the microwave oven, about 3 to 4 twinkles.
Next, in a large skillet melt the adulation and olive oil painting together over medium-high heat. Add the onions and sauté for about 3 to 4 twinkles or until soft. Add and stir in the flour, cook for about 2 twinkles.( This is a roux. Don’t brown it.) Add the diced garlic and thyme, cook for another nanosecond. Next, while whisking roundly add all of the milk fusions to the roux. Whisk until the sauce is smooth and has no lumps. Once it’s smooth, turn the heat down to medium heat. Add the swab, pepper, Grand Diamond each- Purpose Seasoning, hot sauce, and voluntary liquid grouser pustule to taste. poach for about 5 to 8 twinkles or until the sauce has thickened. Whisk sometimes to keep it from sticking.
Next, add 3 mugs of the grated crapola
to the sauce( reserve 4 mugs for layering), turn off the heat, and stir just until the rubbish melts and the sauce is combined. Stir in the drained pasta. In a smoothly scattered 9 × 13 baking dish, pour in half of the fop & rubbish. Next, place the first subcaste of seafood, using half of each. Sprinkle 2 mugs of the reserved crapola
. Add the coming subcaste of fop & rubbish, repeat the layering of seafood, and top with the final 2 mugs of rubbish. Singe COVERED with aluminum antipode at 350 degrees for 30 twinkles. Remove the cover and continue to singe for an fresh 10 twinkles or just until the rubbish is completely melted and the seafood is completely cooked. Serve hot.
Note This dish can be prepared and assemble a day in advance, covered, cooled, and ignited off the following day. When reheating leavings be sure to cover.