▪️ Constituents
8 pieces of funk, your choice bone, shanks, legs,etc.
1C. milk
2T. fix juice
1 tsp. Tabasco sauce
1 egg, beaten
C. flour
tsp. paprika
tsp. garlic greasepaint
1/4tsp. onion greasepaint
tsp. ground savant
tsp. cayenne pepper
tsp. black pepper
1/4tsp. swab
tsp. oregano
▪️ Direction
Consolidate milk, egg, Tabasco and fix juice.
Toss the funk in with it and marinate for 1 hour in the cooler.
Join all leftover seasoning in one further coliseum for digging.
Presently I employed a profound range, still you can use an iron skillet and voguishness canvas to 350 degrees.
Dig the funk in the flour, back to the combination it was marinating in and subsequently back into the flour.
Put on a treat distance and go on with the redundant pieces.
Let sit for 5 twinkles previous to searing.
Place 2-3 pieces at the time in the range and cook for 7-8 twinkles boneless or 10-12 bone in turning as you go. Simply insure the inward temp. is 160 degrees’.
You can warm the toaster to 250 degrees and put the funk on a cooling rack over a treat distance to remain warm and fresh while belting up the rest.