Ignited funk WITH POTATOES ❤️

February 24, 2023

Ignited funk WITH POTATOES ❤️


• 1 whole funk or 4 whole shanks( hindquarters)

• 4 medium potatoes

• 4 medium onions

• olive oil painting

• swab and pepper

• dried thyme


We start by shelling the potatoes. Once hulled, cut them into thin slices, no further than 1 centimeter thick. also, we put them as a base on a baking charger. We also peel the onions and cut them into thin strips. We put it on the potato and season everything.

Next we put the shanks on top of the potatoes and the onion. We add a glass of water and a splash of olive oil painting to everything. This will make it juicier while incinerating.

We make sure that there’s always humidity at the bottom of the root. That way the trim wo n’t burn. Season and add a good pinch of dried thyme to each ham( or to the whole funk, if you have chosen the whole piece).

Put the funk in the roaster at 220ºC if you use shanks. heat up and down. Let singe for about 30 twinkles, until nicelybrowned.However, we singe at 190ºC, If you use a whole funk.

When it’s well browned, we take the charger out of the roaster, we turn the pieces over. This will cook the other side.

incontinently after, we put the charger back in the roaster. Eventually we let cook roughly the same time, until everything is well cooked