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Hot Honey Chicken Tenders


Hot Honey Chicken Tenders 😍
form BELOW!!

1 lb funk pigsties white tendon removed
2 mugs buttermilk
mugs each- purpose flour
mug cornstarch
2 tsp garlic greasepaint
1 tsp onion greasepaint
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp oregano
tsp swab or to taste
tsp black pepper or to taste
mug hot sauce
mug honey
oil painting, for frying


  1. In a small coliseum, combine the swab, pepper, paprika, oregano, garlic greasepaint, and onion greasepaint.
  2. Add the funk pigsties,1/2 of the spice mix, and buttermilk to a coliseum, and let it sit for 20 twinkles at room temperature.
  3. Place the flour, cornstarch, and remaining spices in a large brown paper bag or zippered plastic bag. Mix well.
  4. Dip the funk tenders in the flour admixture shaking off any redundant buttermilk before coating. 5. Make sure to cover the funk tenders well. You should not be suitable to see the meat under the flour. cover doubly if demanded.
  5. toast the oil painting to 350 degreesF. and fry the funk tenders for 3 twinkles on each side or until completely cooked through. Place the funk tenders on a line rack or a paper kerchief- lined plate.
  6. While the funk culinarians, add the hot sauce and honey to a saucepan and cook for 2- 3 twinkles.
  7. Whisk the sauce until nice and smooth.
  8. cover the funk tenders with the hot honey sauce and enjoy!