Coconut Chocolate cutlet 😁 🥰 😍


Coconut Chocolate cutlet 😁 🥰 😍

sponger cutlet
3 eggs
80 g sugar
1 pinch of swab
30 ml oil painting
50 ml milk
80 g flour
20 g cocoa
1 tablespoon of incinerating greasepaint
80 g sugar
200 ml milk
100 g condensed milk
100 g adulation
250 g coconut flour
100 g of chocolate to melt in milk or cream
30 ml oil painting

  1. cutlet blend the eggs with sugar and swab. also add the oil painting and milk. Independently, blend flour, cocoa and incentive. Sift and add to the dough. Pour the admixture into the earth and singe at 180 degrees for 25- 30 twinkles.
  2. Coconut cream in a saucepan blend sugar, milk, condensed milk and adulation. Melt and add the coconut flour.
  3. Now assemble the cutlet.
  4. Melt the chocolate with milk( or cream) and also add the oil painting.
  5. Pour the chocolate on the cutlet and let it cool.