Caramel Peach Upside Down Cutlet

April 17, 2022
Caramel Peach Upside Down Cutlet
▫️ Constituents
1/4 mug adulation softened
mug brown sugar
2 mugs fresh peaches ( about 3-4 peaches) sliced 1/ 2-in. slices, hulled, or 1 small can drained, or firmed thin peach slices, fused and large slices cut in half lengthwise
Cutlet batter
1-1/4 mugs each- purpose flour
1-1/4 ladles incinerating greasepaint
tablespoon swab
mug sugar
1/2 mug adulation softened
1 large egg room temperature
1 tablespoon vanilla excerpt
mug buttermilk
▫️ Instructions
Mix softened adulation and brown sugar and spread unevenly on the bottom of the 9 × 2 inch pie dish or round cutlet visage. ( Make sure the visage is 2 elevation deep) Arrange peaches in a pattern over sugar admixture. Set visage away.
In a medium coliseum whisk together flour, incinerating greasepaint and swab.
In a large coliseum cream adulation, sugar and vanilla excerpt, add egg and beat until light and ethereal, add dry constituents alternatively with buttermilk, beat on low until combined.
Ladle and spread over peaches.
Singe at 350 ° for 45-50 twinkles or until a toothpick fitted in the center comes out clean. Cool for 10 twinkles.
Run a cutter around the sides, place a server on top and reverse the cutlet onto the server.
Still, lift them off precisely and replace them on top of the cutlet, If any of the peach slices stick to the visage. Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream.