Blueberry Pie losers 😍

December 3, 2022

Blueberry Pie losers 😍

• 1 can( 8- count) Pillsbury Grand biscuits, not short layers

• 1 mug( 262 g) blueberry pie stuffing, store- bought or manual *
• ½ mug( 1 stick/ 113g) adulation, melted

• 2 soupspoons granulated sugar

Remove the biscuits from the can and use your hand to peel and separate each biscuit into two layers. Using a rolling leg, roll each subcaste of biscuit into a 4- inch circle.( You’ll have 16 circles.)
Ladle about 1 teaspoon of the blueberry pie filling into the center of each circle. Use your fritters to pull sides together and pinch to seal. Roll into balls.

Encounter all sides of the losers with the melted adulation and sprinkle each with sugar. Working in batches, place the losers into an air range handbasket about 2 elevation piecemeal. Air shindig at 330 °F for 7- 8 twinkles, or until golden brown. Serve warm.