Baked ham, cooked low and slow with brown sugar, mustard, and cola has

July 26, 2022

▫️ constituents
1 ham on the bone(2.5 kg)
1l Water
1l Beer
25 cl Molasses
2 onions
1 bay splint
5 Cloves
25g brown sugar
25g Breadcrumbs
10 pineapple slices
25 cl Pineapple juice
20g Unsalted adulation
Ground pepper
Calories = High
▫️ Preparation Steps
In a large dish dish, place the ham speckled with cloves. Cover it with water and beer. Add the molasses, diced onions and bay splint. Add swab and pepper.
Bring to the pustule, also gently reduce the sauce over low heat, letting the ham poach for 2 hours.
In a coliseum, combine the breadcrumbs and brown sugar. Pour a little water and mix the performing paste well.
Preheat the roaster to 200 °C. Put the ham in a dish and cover it with the brown sugar batter. Singe for 30 twinkles, until the ham is golden brown.
In skillet, melting adulation. Brown the pineapple slices in it, pour in the pineapple juice and the ham cuisine sauce, reduce until you gain a coating sauce. Add swab and pepper. Place the pineapple slices and their juice on the ham, serve in slices. Enjoy!