Shirley Temple cutlet


Shirley Temple cutlet

For the cutlet
11/2 mugs adulation( softened)
3 mugs granulated sugar
5 large eggs
3 mugs each- purpose flour
2 ladles lemon excerpt
mug 7up
10 ounces maraschino cherries( drained and juice reserved)
For the Glaze

2 mugs pulverized sugar
1 tablespoon bomb excerpt
3- 4 Soupspoons milk
Preheat the roaster to 325 degrees.
In large coliseum blend together your adulation(11/2 mugs or 3 sticks) and sugar until light and ethereal.
Add in your eggs and continue to mix until blended.
Add in your flour and blend again until smooth.
Pour in your bomb excerpt and 7up and beat to combine.
Fold in your cherries.
Grease a bundt visage with shortening, also dust it with flour.
Spread the batter into a oiled & floured bundt visage and singe for11/2 hours or until center is set.
Allow the cutlet to cool for 10- 15 twinkles in the visage.
Turn the cutlet onto serving dish and let cool slightly and also using a skewer poke holes each over the top of the cutlet and pour your reserved cherry juice sluggishly over the top making sure the juice gets soaked up. It’s ok for it to transude to the bottom to soak as well.
Let cool fully.
Meanwhile mix together your glaze constituents and mizzle over the top of your cutlet.
Top with further cherries if asked .