Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips
8 medium potatoes
3 white fish fillets
13/4 mugs each- purpose flour
3 tsp baking greasepaint
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp swab
10 fl oz cold beer
Swab and lately base black pepper to taste
11/2 mugs firmed peas
2 tbsp adulation
2 mint leaves
Vegetable canvas for frying
Lemon wedges voluntary
Peel and cut the potatoes in sticks. Place them in a visage and cover with vegetable canvas ( cold canvas). Let it heat/ poach for about 30 twinkles over low heat. After 30 twinkles, turn the heat to medium/ high and let them fry until crisp an golden (30-40 twinkles more).
In another visage place peas, adulation, mint leaves and a little swab over medium heat untill peas get hot. Add 2 tbsp water and with a chopstick roughly mash the peas. Set away. When the potatoes are nearly done, cut the fish fillets in half, lengthwise (they should be about 1 in/2.5 cm wide).
In a coliseum mix the flour, incinerating greasepaint, paprika and swab. Dust the fish fillets in this admixture, shaking off any redundant flour and set away.
Add the beer to the flour admixture and mix well. Remove the feasts from the visage and set them away.
Dip a fish fillet in the batter, shake off redundant and fry them in batches (in the same canvas the potatoes were fried) until crisp and golden- about 2 twinkles on each side. Remove from canvas and place them in a plate lined with paper apkins.
Reprise with the other fish fillets. When you are done frying the fish, return the feasts to the hot canvas to warm them up.
Meanwhile overheat the peas. Remove the feasts from the canvas and place them in a dish lined with paper apkins. Serve the fish fillets with feasts (chips) and mushy peas- bomb wedges are voluntary