Pasta e Fagioli( Olive Garden Copycat)

February 2, 2023

Pasta e Fagioli( Olive Garden Copycat)

1 lb spare ground beef
1 tbsp olive oil painting
2 medium carrots, minced into small cells
large onion, minced into small cells
stalk celery, minced into small cells
cloves garlic
15 oz canned minced tomatoes
15 oz tomato sauce
32 oz funk broth
15 oz canned Great Northern sap, drained and irrigated
oz canned order sap, drained and irrigated
mug ditalini pasta
1 tbsp Italian seasoning
1 tsp swab, acclimate to taste
tsp black pepper, acclimate to taste
tbsp fresh basil,( voluntary)

On medium heat, preheat a large pot or dutch roaster with oil painting. Add ground beef and let it brown( 3- 5 twinkles). As its cuisine, be sure to break it piecemeal into small pieces.

Remove cooked beef from the pot. Drain of redundant fat and set away.

In the same pot, add minced carrots, onion, celery and pressed garlic. Saute until the vegetables are softened( about 4 twinkles).

Add canned minced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and beef back to the cuisine vegetables in the pot. Stir to combine together.

Add Great Northern and order sap to the blend. Pour funk broth to the pot and let poach for about 10 twinkles.

Add pasta, Italian seasoning, swab and pepper and let it cook for another 10 twinkles.

Serve right down with a sprinkle of basil or parmesan rubbish.